My friend Jessica is charming, and since this little venture is her idea, she is my first muse, as it were.

Today we shared a conversation, prompted by this post on The Bird and The B, a delightful blog I was happy to be introduced to. We talked about rejecting the preconceived notion, owning your own personal map to chart ones destiny, and standing firm in the face of generational biased approval. We talked about the lame and awful lack of cultural accessibility in the commuter driven landscape of New Mexico, and our affinity for red velvet cake. We made hopeful plans to triumph over our sad state of cultural affairs by organizing an outing to someplace a little more metropolitan than the sticks. Pray, dear readers, it happens. (I will need the content).

Our talk turned to blogs we love, and bloggers we admire (B we’re talkin about you), and she said, you know, you should have a blog. “You’re funny” she insisted (I’m not) “You’ll be great” she exclaimed (Most doubtful). Yet in the face of such self-deprecation, I decided to take her advice. It could be awesome….right?

Musefully, (not a word. I checked, but I don’t care, either) Jessica is a person who reminds me to relish in life sometimes. By posting beautiful tidbits on Facebook, or sharing new music clips, or reminding me of the absolute decadence that is red velvet, she reminds me to step out of my day to day and see life out there, waiting for me to cannonball in, arms flailing. (I can’t swim, but whatever).

(This blog isn’t about drowning).

(In fact, this blog isn’t about anything at all really, except muses….. or that which amuses. heh.)

Anyhoo. To find out more about me, and who I love on the internets, check out ye olde sidebar. Also, I will try not to be lame. 😉

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2 Responses to Musing….

  1. Penny says:

    I love it! You will be great!

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