Not Rizzo

On the way to work this morning, this song came on the radio.

Cheesy, and simultaneously awesome, it reminded me of the production of Grease that was put on the year I was a freshman in high school. I auditioned for the part of Rizzo, which was the only brunette part, and even if she was kinda skanky, she did have that one solo. I sang my little heart out, all the while entertaining notions of standing ovations and bouquets of roses being tossed upon the stage in honor of my “talent”. Alas, it was not to be, and I was relegated to a position on the chorus, dancing over and over to that ridiculous hand jive.

Issues I have with Grease: So many blondes! One more brunette in a role of significance could have changed my life (probably not).

Also, Knickie was gross. Rizzo could have done much better….and Cha Cha Gregorio? What was she, like 30, dancing at the hop?? C’mon now.

This song, and the movie, though, is very summer for me. Very old school nostalgic (even though I wasn’t Rizzo) awesome. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Not Rizzo

  1. Rhonda says:

    Love it Melis – Your writing is very entertaining! I can relate to “Not getting the Part” – but…… at least you put yourself out there and tried…………. I was too shy to even try out!!!! LOL

  2. Rób Canon says:

    In the Summer of ’78 I moved from Dayton, Ohio to Fairfax, Virginia. The day after we unpacked the entire neighborhood had a block party and all the high school age kids put on a production of the musical “Grease” using the vinyl LP played over a sound system (I guess karaoke hadn’t been invented yet LOL). Little kids ran and played, teens all were in the production, and the grown-ups did what grown-ups do… BBQ, Beer, & …

  3. You’re so right. I have the same thoughts about Knickie and Cha Cha! Love Grease dearly, though. I know every word to the entire movie. Now I need to watch it again soon.

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