Today I rounded up the fam for a little impromptu hiking adventure at Sipapu ski hill. At first, they resisted. You want us to hike? (like I’d asked them to do it barefoot over flaming coals, instead of, you know, with shoes on solid ground) Why?? Can’t we just stay home???? Realllly“?

Sipapu riverside trail

Yes, really. I promised cheeseburgers at the Paradise grill (super delish), and after the tortuous act of hiking for 35 minutes, lo and behold, mom actually has good ideas sometimes.

It was beautiful. We found a nice riverside trail and walked a bit (hiking is overstating it for sure, I admit it) and I went a little crazy with my phone cam.


They made me sign a contract in blood practically, stating that the photos would not end up here, for all the internets to see. So instead, all I can show you is the hiking trail, and this poster, which made me do a double take.

Bad photo, cool poster


Seriously. Cruise-A-Thong. After you look a little closer,  you see it’s a flip flop race, cruiser bike ride and river float triathlon for the non-athlete (me), which, actually looks like a lot of  fun. July 23 and 24 in Pagosa CO, if you’re in the mood for some obviously wacky good times. They even have a website, for more info.

That’s all I got. Good, tiring day. Tomorrow may or may not include a matinee of the Green Lantern and some cheesy chili fries….do we know how to party or what?!

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