Where there is smoke….

Today’s musings are serious….the town I work in, is in danger. A huge fire – 60 thousand acres huge- is threatening the homes and livelihood of the people I care about. My friends have had to pack up what they can, hold their pets and kids close, and leave everything else behind, hoping that the firemen and emergency responders can fight for them to have a home to go back to.

Fire and smoke in Los Alamos, NM. Photo credit unknown.

I know I don’t have many readers yet- I am but a mere babe in the blogosphere- but I have to ask you to please pass this along. This town, and surrounding areas, need help…the people need it, and the animals who are off to shelters, and the brave people who stayed behind….they all need your help.

If you are in NM, and can donate food, etc. please visit the Food Depot on Siler road in Santa Fe. Pet supplies can be donated to the Espanola Valley Animal Shelter and also dropped off at Barkin Boutique near the DeVargas Mall in Santa Fe. For more information on how to help, visit “Los Alamos Las Conchas Fire Information”. As always the American Red Cross has a donation site, and I do understand they are supporting evacuees en force at evacuation centers set up across northern NM.

Please send NM good vibes…positive thoughts…and prayers. Thank you….


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One Response to Where there is smoke….

  1. Steph says:

    Many prayers! I’m heading to Santa Fe this week, and will make sure to help out & bang the drum. Please stay safe! – Stephanie Galichia

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