Looney times….

Staying at home for a few days, has led to a very shangri-la kind of life for me and mine this week. At 1:00 every afternoon, we’re all rather lazy and sprawled out on the couches, fans on, iced coffee in hand, settled in for an hour of classic Looney Tunes on the Cartoon Network.

I am convinced there is nothing cooler. These totally take me back to when I was a kid with nothing better to do than my ride bike with cards in the spokes, play with cousins next door, and stay out all day under the sun. Afternoons would find me and my little brother sprawled out on the carpet in front of my grandmas tv, watching Buggs and Daffy and Foghorn Leghorn. Our Gram would be making fresh tortillas (if you have ever smelled tortillas cooking, you know what kind of heaven I am talking about) and save one for each of us. We’d spread real butter on them, and devour……ahhh. Heaven. Not even kidding.

I had a really hard time picking a clip for this post, because they are all so cool, but finally settled on the Hare-Brained Hypnotist, created in 1942. By the time I learned to love these in the 70’s they were already classics, and even more so now. I have to add that the musical scores for these cartoons are sublime, and the intro makes me smile like I just won the lottery. I love that my kids love these as much as I do (plus they get a kick out of watching me giggle over them). Enjoy.

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