Breakfast Book Club

Books+Vanilla Lattes+Us = HAPPINESS

My daughters and I do this once a week. We get up early, head to our favorite local place, La Cocina, and eat a yummy breakfast while reading and drinking coffee. This event can sometimes take up to two hours, the staff knows us there, and they are more than indulgent.

We usually order the three dishes we love most and share. This week was blue corn pinon pancakes, banana caramel pancakes, and eggs and bacon. The blue pancakes won out for most tasty, and the vanilla lattes were perfection.

The reads that day were A Feast for Crows by George Martin (me) and Infinity and Awakened (them). There is nothing that makes us happier, we feel so very US, when we have that kind of time together. Yes, it’s kinda nerdy….we’re into that sort of thing. 🙂

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2 Responses to Breakfast Book Club

  1. You’re awesome women. There’s nothing nerdy about awesome.

  2. I need to make a tradition like this for myself. I love the idea of breakfast and books with loved ones. I also really admire how you find the most interesting ways to bond with your kiddos. Something for me to aspire to when I actually have kids of my own…

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