New (and noteworthy) Tunes, and a smidge of the random….

1. The New

“Don’t Play No Game That I Can’t Win” by Beastie Boys is so brand spankin new I couldn’t even find a you tube link for you all. Instead, you will have to go here to listen, if you are so inclined, and I beg you, please be. Because really, you know that anything above and beyond BRASS MONKEY, is totally worth it. Love the vibe off this new song. (love Brass Monkey too, can’t lie). (That funky monkey….)

2. The Noteworthy

This one, by Foster The People, has insinuated itself into my brain like one of those creepy  bugs in Wrath of Khan. “Pumped Up Kicks”. Love it. Love the feel of it.

3. The Smidge

Engine Check Light, WTF? Could you be any LESS specific? Check engine for what, exactly? When? Now? Why??? I dislike your ambiguity engine check light. Go away.

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