A song and some things….

Firstly: I was introduced to “Little Sorrow” off the LP titled Illustrated Songs by Gaby Moreno, who has this soulful sound that just captivates me. I like to pretend I can sing like her when I am in the shower or driving but never, ever in public and only maybe in front of a very select few on, say, the drive to school in the morning. Isn’t it nice that the people closest to you may laugh at you with the complete assurance you will laugh back, or at the very least, not smack them? It makes singing possible, however badly.

Secondly: Do you know Etsy? ‘Cause if you don’t, might I suggest you acquaint yourself immediately? Etsy is amazing, you can find the most unique vintage treasures on Etsy, and I am SO into the vintage these days. I can spend hours endlessly trolling this site for design inspiration, baubles of beauty, and That Which I Must Swoon Over. Exhibit A, B, C, and D, if you please:

I can’t stand how cute those stacking rings are, and I love the architectural look of that pretty little Japanese tea bowl. The terrarium…agh. Normally I kill plants like, with the mere act of trying to not kill them, but these little beauties are supposed to require very little maintenance, and just live inside their awesome little orbs, being lovely. Very Melis appropriate!

And finally, that red purse. Oh hello, lovely…..

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4 Responses to A song and some things….

  1. i’ve always wanted one of those terraniums for my office! that or one of these beautiful little orbs of life… http://www.eco-sphere.com/

  2. Wow, Jess, those look so cool!! I think we should have a project day and make something- I found the little orbs for a very decent price here: http://www.shoppigment.com/products/Terrarium-Orbs.html, and we could go down to the nursery in Santa Fe and pick up some lovelies….lets do it!

  3. love!! now to find plants that thrive in artificial light.

  4. Better price on orbs at CB2- and I think air plants are what we’ll need….

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