The human heart is kind, I think.

Earlier today I was all emo, lamenting my state of the union, and to the rescue came friends who either in person or by comment showed me some love, made me laugh, smile, called me on my shit, and/or reminded me to calm down and breathe. People who do not know me took the time to email me and commiserate, and I’m convinced the world is a kinder safer place for the fragile, in the face of so much awesome kindness.

The thing about having a blog, or posting in a social media platform, is sometimes, shit gets real. Maybe awkwardly real, to put yourself out there like that….but sometimes its about more than interesting photos and new music and the random moment of wit and humor. Baring some soul means surrendering to vulnerability, and taking the risk that someone out there might tell you it’s going to be ok.  Or not, and that’s ok too. More than ok, actually, because who doesn’t need a little tough love in the form of a “STFU already” every now and again?

I know I’m rambling, but what I’m trying to say, is just thank you. I’m all better now.

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One Response to Humbled

  1. Elizabeth Baum says:

    So, today I was feeling extremely vulnerable and went to a friend I knew would feed me and give me love. Yes, I received what I needed, but what is interesting is I have spoken to a few other friends today that told me they were feeling vulnerable today too. Friends who know me well, know I am almost never vulnerable–always strong and in control. Makes me wonder if it’s just the time of the year to clean out the heart chakra OR maybe it’s they way our soul allows us to open up and receive since so many of us are givers and the receiving is not a priority. So clever Spirit can be.

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