The things, oh the things…..

Internet, I have a new addiction, and it’s nothing awful like crack or hoarding ceramic figurines, it’s actually….well, it’s a huge time waster, but it’s….

It’s Pinterest. A very cool digital take on inspiration boards that are intended to help you realize your goals, via visualization. Or waste time. Maybe.

I adore Pinterest. I have found oodles of visual deights, ideas, recipes, shopping inspiration, and crafty stuff I will insist I want to do (but lets face it, when it comes to crafts I am 90% enthusiasm and about 10% skill and follow through). I have found beauty and humor and you guys, there’s SO MUCH of everything. It’s awesome.

Loving pinterest is like any other addiction, come to find. I am trying to get people to do it with me. “Psst, want to see some Pins?? Hey, you should check out Pinterest”. I am pinning late at night when all good people should be asleep in their beds or doing something constructive with their time. Most of all, I am super mad because there is a Pinterest app and it’s only for the iPhone. Damn it.

Go check it out and join me, m’kay?


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