I’m in love….

Might I introduce you to the most adorable puppy on the planet?

Meet Lola, our Olde English Bulldog, the little monster who has captured the heart of everyone in our family! Also, quite possibly the best birthday present I have ever gotten. You guys, she is So. Stinkin. Cute!

Of course, my house looks like a war zone. Puppy toys and bones are strewn about like land mines, my house is even more chaotic than normal….but I can’t stand how awesome she is! Not without challenge, mind you, a new puppy is more effort than a newborn child almost. The house training alone! It’s a good thing she’s so gorgeous, because Lola is challenging. She has these teeny piranha teeth, and holy CRAP they hurt. Turns out frozen raw bones are awesome for the little ankle biter (literally) and we can stop running around in terror as she tries to gnaw us to death. Which is good, because I can’t help bragging on her like a pround “parent” and trying to snuggle and kiss her all the time, and I’d like to be able to do that without any alarming proof of injury… 😉

Prepare yourself for major cuteness:

Lola being a chew monster while Bells looks on with a "what the hell are you DOING" expression on her face. Bells has immediately graduated to easiest dog on the planet status with the arrival of Lola to put it all into perspective!

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