1+1+1 = 8?

Thing 1: Via No Pasa Nada, a great post that made me think about the five best decisions of my adult life….and I wanna know, what does your 5 look like? Mine:

1. Having children. No question.

2. Experiencing loss, and somehow letting it evolve into something new and even better in time.

3. Learning to love myself as-is.

4. Making a choice to live in the same place all my life and grow with my family. I can’t imagine not being able to walk down the road and visit my lil granny whenever I want, or not have my children know what it’s like to play safely under the stars, surrounded by the safety of ones own.

5. Actively choosing experiences over possessions. The house may not be fancy, but I will never forget the places I’ve seen or the moments I have shared with people that matter to me. Laughing with my kids, in a too-small living room is like paradise, really.

Thing 2:

This, by Goldfrapp.


Thing 3: How could I possible leave you without a new pic of the pup?

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