Catchin up, and a gift…

Wow it’s been a while, yeah?

Lets see, since I last posted I have fallen in love with my dog, went to a NFL game, took a road trip, and sent my daughter off to her first Homecoming dance. All in all, a lot of really good stuff that I have no pictures for and little to say about except that I really super totally love my little life. Like, a lot.


You know when you might be feeling a little blue, a little blah,
and then all of a sudden the Internet opens up and you are served with a
shining example of a reason to grin gleefully before your computer while
co-workers wander by wondering exactly WHAT YOU ARE UP TO?

Exhibit A:

Please for the love of all that is good and right click on this picture so you can be taken to what I believe is the best blog in the Universe. kthanks!

You’re welcome.


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