Summing up…..or, a lazy girls review of the past 25 days of blogslackery….

I could have blogged about all of these, individually, but no, the slack it did prevail. Oh well. Here’s the gist, k?

  • Thanksgiving was delicioso, and my cranberries, as usual, rocked the house. Not to mention I got to spend it with people I love, hence, all the thanks.
  • Oh Black Friday, yet again you prove to the rest of us that there are complete idiots out there with nothing better to do than be total dicks over the chance to save a buck. That and turn bad drivers into really worse, total shit drivers. You suck black Friday. You should be more like Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is civilized.
  • I watched recently, The American, with George Clooney. Mostly slow, but the man is gorgeous, and can I just say, hello sexy scene under the red lights, can I watch you more than once?
  • Teen 1 is preparing for her theatrical debut as an almost liberated women in the 1900’s in her schools production of “To See The Stars”. Replete with accent. I predict awesomeness.
  • Teen 2 is what I call, (affectionately) “venomous” like all gorgeous snakes. We hope it’s just a phase. Worth noting as well, is the very fact that Miss Viper is also quite brilliant, and was nominated to attend the Congressional Youth Leadership State Conference. Oh hello, genius.
  • Work is SUCK.TASTIC. No explanation required…but I keep asking myself….. what I would do if I could do exactly what I want it is I really want to do??? Answer pending.
  • Lola, the wonderdog, is a beast, but a trainable, slobbery, gallumpy, loveable beast. Our house is less chaotic than it has been and for that I say hallelu. Also, Bells is more than tolerant, and for that, another hallelu!
  • I cheated on my stylist. It was weird and I feel dirty, yet I look gorgeous. How can this be? Blog header got a little face lift, too.
  • Oh. About that 40×40 list. I may be doing some editing. Stay tuned.
  • Lookee! Pins!
  • Christmas is upon us and already I am listening to the music. I love it when this comes on, while I am driving. The jazzy part most especially. 
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3 Responses to Summing up…..or, a lazy girls review of the past 25 days of blogslackery….

  1. Magnus says:

    Thanksgiving never care much for it but this year was wonderful
    Black Friday = sleep in
    Never seen the “American” but George Clooney is hot.
    You have some talented girls. Show what an awesome job your doing.
    Get out of your comfort zone and do what you want. I’m doing it and its a bitch but I’m slowly getting there. Life too short to wast it at a job that REALLY sux.
    Lula = more belly scratching
    I cheated on your stylist. BAD BAD! Hair looks great. 🙂
    40X40 sounds awesome. I have to do a 45X45
    Christmas – Love the lights, family time and general atmosphere of the season. I avoid all commercialization at ALL costs. Thank you God for Amazon. Go Snoopy!

  2. Mag….we need to talk about this comfort zone thing! Go Snoopy! 🙂

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