Hey hi

So last week I noticed I do a lot of “oh look how long it’s been” posting,  like I can just excuse my laziness and lack of discipline in blogging with a “oh I’ve been so busy fa la la” attitude and then throw ya’ll a video or some cool photos and expect you to (still) love and excuse my lazy ass.

And you do- some of you- love me, despite my less than productive habit of being non-productive. HENCE! I do now hereby challenge myself to blog a post a day. Similar to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which happens in November, but I’m going to call it happening now for 30 days. (If I can make this happen, we’ll call it an official NaBloPoMo warm up and I’ll do the real thing in November).

I can’t guarantee greatness, nor, quality even, but I’ll try to post something worthwhile and interesting every day, and if I happen to resort to whining, well, sorry.

So….last post I promised some delicious typography samples that I’ve drooled a bit over lately. Also, it’s mostly sappy uplifting don’t give up stuff that keeps me from turning into a stabby office mate, so some of these are plastered on the wall at work.

While we’re on the subject, of tolerating the intolerable task, what helps you stay sane? How do you keep from screaming at the people in your life that drive you crazy? Especially the people who you have no choice but to tolerate if you want to, say, feed and support your family and buy nice things? More and more I have a hard time being, well, nice to assholes. It’s difficult and I am challenged, so if you have any helpful hits, I can assure you, many, MANY people would benefit. Ha. Ha.

Did I digress? I did huh? Sorry.

Samples. Typography. Design. More to come tomorrow. If you have a good resource for stuff like this, which I totally geek out on, hook a sista up. Also, has anyone seen Helvetica? I was told I should….

Fake NaBloPoMo Get Off Your Ass and Blog Day 1 Status:

Successful! Optimistic! (gag)

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2 Responses to Hey hi

  1. Magnus says:

    I’m not nice anymore. I have made a few enemies and alienated a few people in the past 10 years. I find certain people will drag you down or keep you down. I know its worse with family. So may God bless them and keep them far far away from me. 🙂 As for the rest I keep smiling if the are incapable of reciprocating or at least leaving me alone well I always have a birdy to show them to let them know what I’m thinking of them. 😀
    As for the rest geek out sista!

    Isn’t Helvetica a font?

    • Helvetica is a font! And a movie! A movie about the making of a font. It will either be interesting or deathly boring, but one never knows till one takes a gander. lol

      also, lol @ “a birdie” 🙂

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