Tunes, Day 3

Today’s post is brought to you by Teen 1, who saw fit to educate her mama with some new music. Remarkably, some of the tunes on her playlist, were on MY playlist 20 years ago….Red Hot Chili Peppers, Violent Femmes, and The Cure, to name a few. Her playlist is peppered with music by The White Stripes, Fun, Vampire Weekend, to name just a few….enjoy.

Oh, wait! Update on my Shoot Bubbles game angst. My brother called to gloat this evening…

Me: Hey, hi. What’s up?

Him: Oh nothing. I was just calling to invite you to a CHICKEN DINNER!!!

(As in winner winner chicken dinner, and yes we are dorks, and yes I am super jealous).

DAMN IT. I hate that he conquered level 99 before I did. Shoot Bubble frenzy commencing immediately!

OK now you can enjoy the videos.

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One Response to Tunes, Day 3

  1. Magnus says:

    I think this is indirect proof that music tastes in some what hereditary. Mariposa being the funny 8 year old that she is, loves Anthrax, Metallica, and Megadeth. Go figure.

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