Day 9

You guys. SUPER FUNKY today.

Not as in funky/odiferous (eu!) nor funkadelic (though the link below may suggest otherwise) but funky like down in a funk. I’ve no idea why, usually I am the happy sort, but today has been especially unfocused. Kinda sad, kinda, dare I say it, depressed.

Why do I hesitate when saying the D word. Why does it have such a negative association in my mind? Perfectly awesome people are depressed. They battle it and survive it and it gets better…..

I fully subscribe to being human. I know all days are not going to be sunny and happy and shiny.  It just happens to be a rare thing for me, and when that happens it seems more noticeable. And I feel more culpable. How dare I have an off day!

Reasons for said funk. (None of which may make any sense because I am going to be cryptic enough to respect the privacy of those involved).

1. I had a parent fail this weekend and today. Parent fails suck. I know the “perfect parent” does not exist, and I know my job is harder because I am usually both mom and dad to The Teens…but I hate when I disappoint. I want so much to give them everything and teach them everything and…just everything, and I failed this weekend and yesterday and today. DAMN. IT.

2. I am a sucky planner. And an even suckier follow through-er. ADD? Depression? Crippling case of procrastination that makes what I should do seem so overwhelming that I can’t do it? Yeah, that.

3. I keep saying I am going to get to the gym and I haven’t yet. What the hell am I waiting for.

4. I had an argument/conversation with someone, who did and didn’t do something, and who I have very complicated feelings for. This person could stand to live outside of his bubble and not be so damn selfish. I’m just sayin!

OK I’ll stop there. I will counter all four of those things with the fact that I have amazing friends and co-workers who “get it” and who are supportive and funny and help me feel like this too, shall pass. MAJOR thanks to my dear friends who suggested this book, I am hoping on it.


How about some music? I caught this, titled Gypsy Fade, by Galactic, while listening to Pandora this morning, and thought it was worth a share. Very funky/jazzy/almost reggaeish. Enjoy.

Fake NaBloPoMo Get Off Your Ass and Blog Day 9 Status:


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3 Responses to Day 9

  1. I’m sorry today was a tough one. I discovered with my many epic parent fails that when I go back and apologize, I may be teaching them the biggest lesson of all…that I am imperfect and I know it and they learn to forgive. Those are pretty important things, huh? In the end, you sometimes just need this:

  2. Well, I didn’t mean to give you that one. But it’s funny. Try this one instead:

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