Wrap Up

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You guys, what a busy week. My wrap up, such as it is, is as follows:

1. I ran into someone awesome at work yesterday, who always jokes with me about “following my life” on Facebook, and is now stalking me as a result of this blog. And I am totally flattered! I had no idea he read me, so you know, happy coincidence! Turns out we have the same taste in music and he really dug the Grace Potter video I posted last week. So, Hammer, this one is for you.

2. Nerd alert. This weekend we will be at a MATH COUNTS competition, wherein Little Teen will stand second chair against the brilliant and brainy. I predict awesomeness.

3. Valentine’s Day is coming up. I’ll be honest, since I am single, I’m not a fan.  (Now, if I was otherwise engaged, I’d be all about it, I won’t lie). However, in the absence of a beau, I’ll be a good sport and get some cutesy cards for my sweet ones, and I of course won’t pass up the opportunity to sample a little dark chocolate, should some find its way to me. The Valentines will, of course, be vintage.

via various Pinterest

4. I love my friends. One in particular, Lisa, always has very interesting/funny/thought provoking posts, and today alerted me to the existence of a maple bacon bar with dark chocolate glaze and chile brown sugar at Whoos Donuts in Santa Fe. I’m positively intrigued and I think its quite possible that this should be sampled with some red wine. Epicurious, anyone? For my Santa Fe friends, and local followers, stay tuned for an official review.

5. One more video, which I admit to replaying at least 3 times while I was writing this post.

That’s all I’ve got.

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