OK fine, I love you.

Vday.  Thoughts:

The Grinch, via Pinterest

1. I woke up this morning, feeling a lot like a love Grinch. I would not and could not be swayed to enjoy this V-day. As it happens I’m not alone in my grinchy sentiments,  but I will say that did talk to someone sweet today- and even though we were both NOT feeling vday, somehow, he helped this little heart  to warm just a bit. The thing is, I really do want to believe in the infinite possibility of love. Regardless of how much I grouse about the lack of options sometimes.

2. I admire the people who delight in love on today of all days. I really do. Reading posts, or talking to people who are all “Happy Valentine’s Day!” cheery, well, it made me smile a little. Major props to the people out there who go out of their way to cheer up people like me.  It also helped that they gave me candy, and as it happens, I have eaten an extraordinary amount of chocolate today. Don’t judge me.

3. While I have an affinity for the vintage valentine, I also do really dig these as well.  My love affair with letterpress and typography continues…

via Pinterest

…and on that note…… go get all lovey with someone, won’tcha? Happy V-day.

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