I’m ALIVE…….

Oh dear readers, if you still exist! I am indeed alive and well, and knocking items off the 40×40 list like a CHAMP. Which would make sense why I haven’t posted in oh, four months, right? On account of all the busy, right??? (Work with me, people).


  1. Drop 30 pounds- and maintain! I’m down 22 and would be thrilled to keep on with it….say it with me a la Tony Little…..you can dooooo eeeeeet! Progress is slow! Aghh!!
  2. Publish something, a poem, short story, something. – DONE.
  3. Debunk the house- aim to live simply – DONE
  4. Take kids on a dream vacation – DONE! Carribbean Cruise!
  5. Catch an NFL game – (NEARLY DONE – Broncos v. Raiders in Sept!)
  6. Attend ComicCon- IN COSTUME (Oh dear.  Wonder Woman? Storm? Elastigirl??? How to choose?!?!?) Sadly this did not happen. I wish!!
  7. Take the fam to the Renaissance Festival – Document every single spectacular moment of people watching. – NEAR DONE- Happening next weekend!
  8. Get a group together to see a drive-in movie. – NOT yet, soon.
  9. Go hiking. Not walking in the mountains for 20 minutes, but actual HIKING. – DONE
  10. Complete the C25K program – Alas, a classic case of ambition turned to slack. I have discovered, I hate running. Ah well.
  11. Actually RUN a 5k – HAHAHA See previous!
  12. Bake a Guiness Chocolate cake – Pending, pending!
  13. Do yoga without whining and/or cussing out the instructor (I admittedly suck at yoga. So much I dislike it, but I do recognize there are benefits so….). Done. Did not cuss. Barely whined.
  14. Travel a bit. DONE
  15. Stick my toes in the ocean. DONEIsla Roatan, Honduras
  16. Take a photography class- Don’t know if this is going to happen– camera is on the fritz. May sub in.
  17. Sleep under the stars (even if just for awhile). Scheduled.
  18. Design/create something beautiful. DONE
  19. Get a tattoo. Small one.  (Yikes. Maybe this one, maybe not. I promise to sub in an alternate list item should I chicken out). ALTERNATE LIST ITEM: Take The Teens to see Cirque du Soleil show!
  20. Plant, and not kill, a small container garden (Oh this is big. I kinda kill all green things. Wish me luck.) FAIL. And it wasn’t even a container garden, it was just a mere orchid. Dead as a doornail. Sorry plants!
  21. Go to a roller derby match. This has not happened yet! Need to find a local source!!
  22. Frame all of my favorite photos- create a gallery of them in my home. Partially done.
  23. Take a fun cooking class. This might be on the horizon:)
  24. Knit a scarf. All the way. LOL. Not even close.
  25. Compile all of the family recipes into a book. Nope. I am afraid I am not going to meet “deadline” on this. Aiming for Christmas….
  26. Grow and make my own mint tea. Hmm. See note about killing orchid.
  27. Travel out of the US with my daughters. DONE!
  28. Get dressed up and take my family out for a super fancy dinner. DONE!
  29. Read the Bible. Some reading has been accomplished! I think the whole book is a bit of a task. It requires more attention and time….but I will say, I love the Book of Psalms. All of the beloveds made ME feel beloved.
  30. Spend a weekend at a bed and breakfast. Not yet…..
  31. Go fishing. Need to plan this….
  32. Have a photo shoot w. Play the Pin Up at Tahlulah. Not in the budget just yet. Bumping to next year.
  33. Raise a puppy (The pup arrives in 5 weeks- a sweet bulldog we plan to name Lola. SUPER excited!) LOLA is a LOVE!! She just turned a year. Can’t even stand how awesome she is.
  34. Take a professional family photo. DONE!
  35. Ride a rollercoaster with my daughters. DONE. I screamed the whole time. So much fun~!
  36. Learn to stop thinking/talking long enough to meditate (Admittedly, this will be hard. I can never turn off the brain. People accuse me of not being able to lighten up sometimes…..) Mostly accomplished!
  37. Renew my faith (I used to be so focused, and somehow, life has gotten in the way of my spirituality as an every day awareness. I think this renewal will feel like going home…), Happily in progress.
  38. Do something to help via charity or community service. DONE
  39. Visit the Grand Canyon (Road trip!!!) Scheduled for end of August!
  40. Have a HUGE “I’m turning 40” birthday bash- and launch an even bigger 50×50….. Stay tuned……

Observation: The best thing about having a 40×40 list, or a ANYTHING list, is the fact that its YOUR list. Own it, be flexible, stay open. Good things end up happening. 🙂

Oh, and I’ll try and post more often….. promise!!

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One Response to I’m ALIVE…….

  1. RageMichelle says:

    This is a GREAT LIST. I really need to make one of my own.

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