Tunes, Day 3

Today’s post is brought to you by Teen 1, who saw fit to educate her mama with some new music. Remarkably, some of the tunes on her playlist, were on MY playlist 20 years ago….Red Hot Chili Peppers, Violent Femmes, and The Cure, to name a few. Her playlist is peppered with music by The White Stripes, Fun, Vampire Weekend, to name just a few….enjoy.

Oh, wait! Update on my Shoot Bubbles game angst. My brother called to gloat this evening…

Me: Hey, hi. What’s up?

Him: Oh nothing. I was just calling to invite you to a CHICKEN DINNER!!!

(As in winner winner chicken dinner, and yes we are dorks, and yes I am super jealous).

DAMN IT. I hate that he conquered level 99 before I did. Shoot Bubble frenzy commencing immediately!

OK now you can enjoy the videos.

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What a coincidence, I like surprises…

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Found on Pinterest, various credits.

So here’s Day 2 of my fake NaBloPoMo or Get Off Your Ass and Blog (GOYAB?) experiment.

As promised, some more typo eye candy, my favorite being the Steve Jobs quote…..with YOU ARE A FORCE TO BE RECKONED WITH coming in a close second. I love the notion that I could be a force to be reckoned with, don’t you? Makes me feel invincible-ish.

Also, some random:

1. I walk with my pinky sticking out sometimes. I don’t know why but I always catch myself doing it, like I’m The Queen, but instead of daintily holding a tea cup, or waving to the masses, the fair extension of my wee pinky serves only to what? Keep me from tipping over? Why the hell? I have no idea. But it’s weird right? And did I just admit that in public, all this strange pinky extending? Yes. Yes I did.

2. I burned the popcorn today in the office and instantly became the cubicle pariah. People couldn’t get away from me fast enough, and I can’t say I blame them, it was pretty bad. Worse though? NO POPCORN FOR ME.

Deceptive level 1. This is how they suck you in...

3. I am stuck on level 99 of “Shooting Bubbles“, this game my brother and I play on our phones.  I both hate and enjoy it at the same time…but level 99 is kicking my ass! And I can’t quit,  because you guys,  I refuse to be bested by BUBBLES. I hate you level 99. In addition to this game, I play Words With Friends (who doesn’t?) and every now and then a rousing round of Angry Birds. What do you play?

I have nothing else. Except to say, I feel especially lame making myself write when I don’t feel all inspired and what not. If you write, how do you manage to write when you don’t want to? I’ve heard this self discipline thing is all the rage, and yet……..


Fake NaBloPoMo Get Off Your Ass and Blog Day 2 Status:

Reaching, not gonna lie….



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Hey hi

So last week I noticed I do a lot of “oh look how long it’s been” posting,  like I can just excuse my laziness and lack of discipline in blogging with a “oh I’ve been so busy fa la la” attitude and then throw ya’ll a video or some cool photos and expect you to (still) love and excuse my lazy ass.

And you do- some of you- love me, despite my less than productive habit of being non-productive. HENCE! I do now hereby challenge myself to blog a post a day. Similar to NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) which happens in November, but I’m going to call it happening now for 30 days. (If I can make this happen, we’ll call it an official NaBloPoMo warm up and I’ll do the real thing in November).

I can’t guarantee greatness, nor, quality even, but I’ll try to post something worthwhile and interesting every day, and if I happen to resort to whining, well, sorry.

So….last post I promised some delicious typography samples that I’ve drooled a bit over lately. Also, it’s mostly sappy uplifting don’t give up stuff that keeps me from turning into a stabby office mate, so some of these are plastered on the wall at work.

While we’re on the subject, of tolerating the intolerable task, what helps you stay sane? How do you keep from screaming at the people in your life that drive you crazy? Especially the people who you have no choice but to tolerate if you want to, say, feed and support your family and buy nice things? More and more I have a hard time being, well, nice to assholes. It’s difficult and I am challenged, so if you have any helpful hits, I can assure you, many, MANY people would benefit. Ha. Ha.

Did I digress? I did huh? Sorry.

Samples. Typography. Design. More to come tomorrow. If you have a good resource for stuff like this, which I totally geek out on, hook a sista up. Also, has anyone seen Helvetica? I was told I should….

Fake NaBloPoMo Get Off Your Ass and Blog Day 1 Status:

Successful! Optimistic! (gag)

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new? year?

Oh, it has been awhile hasn’t it?

Since my last slacky update, I have been in quite the state of introspection, planning and thinking about how to tweak some things in this little life and make it better.

Here’s what I have so far. A few things I love and want more of in my life…

1. More family/friends time. Does this mean I should try and work less, or restructure the little molecules of time so they mean more? Since I’m not a millionaire just yet, we’re going to try the restructuring thing and see how that works. What I do know for sure is time feels like its speeding past me like a bullet train, and I don’t want to get lost in the blur.

Francois Nielly.

Brilliant color...

2. More beauty. More inspiration. More of the things that make life good. So far, wanting more is getting more, so it’s working. Lately I am fixated on the notion of typography as an art form, (which has nothing to do with this lovely image, though I do have some delicious typo samples for my next post……)

Moving on….

A few things I want less/none of…

1. Deception. I cannot quantify this without violating someone else’s privacy, but suffice it to say, I took a gamble in the relationship sense, and lost. In matters of the heart, my solitary and very few readers, may I just advise….be honest with yourself and in turn with whoever may dwell close to your heart. Think of it as good karmic banking. Using someone, under false pretense, and then bailing…..yeah, that’s cause for emotional bankruptcy. There’s nothing I despise more, than being lied to. Especially from someone you hoped the better of. I can say that it felt like taking a deep breath of fresh cold air once I made the necessary confrontations and set some much needed boundaries. Maybe the only way to look at it is you learn and move on. So here’s to moving on!!

2. Less spinning of the wheels when it comes to teen angst and work crap. I know this is easier said than done…I’m a human with a short fuse sometimes. (You’re shocked, I know, but it’s true! I get cranky!)

I do know, that the more I try to chill the better it will be, so yahoo for trying, and double yahoo for chilling.

In other news….

1. Christmas was great and now that it’s over I want spring. Isn’t that how it always happens? For me, snowy cold weather only acceptable if I can be inside next to a fire drinking hot cocoa and peppermint schnapps!

2. Also, I caught this song on the radio the other day and thought it was share-worthy. Enjoy.


3. And did I mention?? HAPPY NEW YEAR.

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Summing up…..or, a lazy girls review of the past 25 days of blogslackery….

I could have blogged about all of these, individually, but no, the slack it did prevail. Oh well. Here’s the gist, k?

  • Thanksgiving was delicioso, and my cranberries, as usual, rocked the house. Not to mention I got to spend it with people I love, hence, all the thanks.
  • Oh Black Friday, yet again you prove to the rest of us that there are complete idiots out there with nothing better to do than be total dicks over the chance to save a buck. That and turn bad drivers into really worse, total shit drivers. You suck black Friday. You should be more like Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is civilized.
  • I watched recently, The American, with George Clooney. Mostly slow, but the man is gorgeous, and can I just say, hello sexy scene under the red lights, can I watch you more than once?
  • Teen 1 is preparing for her theatrical debut as an almost liberated women in the 1900’s in her schools production of “To See The Stars”. Replete with accent. I predict awesomeness.
  • Teen 2 is what I call, (affectionately) “venomous” like all gorgeous snakes. We hope it’s just a phase. Worth noting as well, is the very fact that Miss Viper is also quite brilliant, and was nominated to attend the Congressional Youth Leadership State Conference. Oh hello, genius.
  • Work is SUCK.TASTIC. No explanation required…but I keep asking myself….. what I would do if I could do exactly what I want it is I really want to do??? Answer pending.
  • Lola, the wonderdog, is a beast, but a trainable, slobbery, gallumpy, loveable beast. Our house is less chaotic than it has been and for that I say hallelu. Also, Bells is more than tolerant, and for that, another hallelu!
  • I cheated on my stylist. It was weird and I feel dirty, yet I look gorgeous. How can this be? Blog header got a little face lift, too.
  • Oh. About that 40×40 list. I may be doing some editing. Stay tuned.
  • Lookee! Pins!
  • Christmas is upon us and already I am listening to the music. I love it when this comes on, while I am driving. The jazzy part most especially. 
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Caught this on the radio yesterday, by Grace Potter & The Nocturnals,  and knew this was one I had to share. Ooh la la, indeed.

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